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Book Diversion Safe

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Weight 1.33 lbs

Protect your valuables from unauthorized access with the Book Diversion Safe.

This innovative and discreet safe serves as an ideal concealment option for your precious belongings such as jewelry, money, or other small personal items. Resembling an ordinary book, this diversion safe is available in various authentic book titles – effectively deceiving any unscrupulous individuals or entities seeking to pilfer.

Featuring interior dimensions of 7¾” x 4″ x 1″, the Book Diversion Safe offers ample storage space while maintaining a low profile. Surprise others by stashing valuable items in plain sight – its adaptable design allows for placement on a bookshelf or even a coffee table, concealing its true purpose effectively.

Product Details:
• Utilizes genuine book titles and covers
• Accommodates valuables like jewelry
• Conceal your belongings in plain view on a bookshelf
• Internal Measurements: 7¾” x 4″ x 1″